How Should Running Shoes Fit? Running Shoe Size Guide


This is one big advantage of this lace system, because it has no ribbon/strap between toes so you can wear normal socks when weather is cold . In contrast, waterproof shoes have a special lining for resisting water. There are no problems in sizes; I got size 43 in black rust color, which is amazing. Additionally, if you think your foot size and not absolute, you should order ½ size higher to fit better. So, the shoes are great but let’s dive deep into their construction and materials to know why are they amazing. I needed a pair of shoes that would accompany me to work and mountains alike.


I used the Speed Force as a tool for recovery runs and to expose my feet to different training environments while also using them for some heavier strength work. And enjoyed the amount of ground feedback I got from them when trying to root my feet. The third aspect that I like about the Xero Shoes Prio is its thicker upper construction. In lifting settings, a thicker upper construction usually translates to prolonged durability.


Like Friday & Saturday, the Sunday event was no sweat for the Prio as far as fit & traction, and I found they were really quite effective to swim in, the rubber sole feels rather buoyant. After all three events I walked away with the content feeling that the Prio is capable of nearly anything aside from muddy conditions or really loose rocks. To be honest, Hana Casual Canvas Comfort over-delivers.


I’ve just watched the promotional video Xero Shoes issued in their website. I’ve run barefooted and with sandals for many years so I think I’m experienced enough to have a formed opinion about what I consider relevant in this kind of product for my needs. Given all these variables, finding the right size in your ideal brand and model can take some trial and fine-tuning. You might have to repeat the fit process each time you change shoes or when your preferred model gets an update.

Partnership will not affect the honesty of our reviews. The Prio model from Xero Shoes is a staple in many barefoot shoes wardrobes. It’s the first minimalist shoe for many, a popular seller, and a reliable workhorse for everything from running, to weightlifting, to daily living. In our house, my oldest, who just moved up to a 40 EU/Men’s 7.5 US/Women’s 9 US is a huge fan, and has been wearing them since the start of our drop into barefoot shoes nearly 2 years ago.

Xero Shoes Huarache Sandals: My Verdict

That I could carry everywhere regardless of the weather conditions. And fortunately, I came across the Hana series of XeroShoes. Yes, the shoes are breathable with their upper mesh and moisture-wicking inners. Not only is this boot lightweight, but it also has a good ankle lockdown.

The whole purpose of barefoot shoes is to just protect your feet from the elements. I think you’ll like the Xero Shoes HFS if you’re new to barefoot running or want to try a barefoot-style shoe for lifting. They don’t weigh much, are easy to move around, and are durable. Xero shoes provide a more natural fit, because of their roomy toe boxes giving more of a sense of freedom of movement.

How To Care For My HANA Shoes?

I have a dangerously slick garage floor, so I “spilled” some water to give them a test and found them very effective. Then I tested them alongside the Zelen sneaker on my kitchen counter with water & oil. Watch the video below to see how this worked out. The arrows in the front point forward, and the arrows in the back point back, to give you traction where you need it when you go uphill and downhill. I kind of gave up on Ready-To-Wear huaraches at this point, and went back to the Xero Shoes 4mm Connect whenever I needed running sandals. My first pair of Ready-To-Wear Huaraches were the LUNA Equus.

Xero Shoes does back this up with their 5000-mile outsole guarantee, so keep that in mind if you do wear through your sole too early. Ultimate flexibility in every direction you can think of. From the sole to the upper, flexibility shines through. The Speed Force doesn’t just have strategic flex points; the whole shoe flexes! With a soft outsole that measures 4.5mm, it morphs when extending and flexing your foot.

It is not as simple as “no arch support.” The shoe is completely flat with a FLEXIBLE sole and WIDE toebox. These are two key items that make the most difference. If you can feel the ground, then your feet can automatically adjust balance and muscle tension (similar to how one doesn’t think about breathing). If the sole is “flat,” but with a thick bottom, then there is no feedback.

  • If you don’t, you risk developing blisters and other sores.
  • We’re perfectly comfortable in bare feet, and Xero wants to keep it that way.
  • You can get super close to the ground for exercises like deadlifts and you get a nice level of ground feedback when tackling lower body exercises in the Xero Shoes Prio.
  • I will update that here if anyone hits a like on the review.
  • If your’e not used to barefoot running, you might wanna start slowly and gradually.
  • First, I think if you like and want something super minimalist and virtually sock-like, then you’ll really resonate with this model.

But considering its superior 5 missteps to avoid when evaluating internal controls feel and high-caliber running performance, it is a worthy investment for your training. Though not as bomber as other models we’ve tested, the HFS is still reinforced in key spots to improve durability and increase longevity. The Huarache-inspired straps — which also add to overall shoe structure — link the lace eyelets directly to the sole, rather than tugging on the upper. These straps are hidden behind purposefully placed strips of TPU along the quarter panels and across the heel sling, which help reinforce common areas of abrasion damage. Another thoughtful design point on the outsole is a slightly stiffer rubber under the big toe and outside heel. These are the areas that — if running with proper form — receive the brunt of impact and thus see the greatest wear and tear.

We visit and work with our factories multiple times per year. The factories we use treat and pay their workers exceptionally well. If you are a runner who currently trains in a zero drop shoe and are looking for something with maximal ground feel and flexibility, the HFS will be an excellent choice. Some of you may cringe, but his originals have never been cleaned.

Aer Tech Folio Review

One thing to note about the Xero HFS barefoot running shoes is that they may not provide as much support as some traditional running shoes. This is because they are designed to allow for a more natural foot strike, which can be less supportive than a traditional heel-toe strike. If you have any concerns about your foot health or if you’re new to barefoot running, it’s a good idea to talk to a physical therapist or a running coach before making the switch. They are excellent for walking around or working out.

  • This got better due to the slight toe spring that was built into the sole, but still more than I’d like.
  • With the addition of insoles, the 1/2 size larger pair doesn’t feel floppy, yet the 9.5 model fits perfectly with a thicker pair of Mudgear trail socks.
  • Second, the “Z” pattern provides lots of well-distributed points and lines of stability.
  • He enjoys blogging about health and fitness, messing around with Photoshop, and sharing his experiences with everyone.
  • It’s difficult to pick a size online that’ll fit perfectly.

I knew Satur would be the real test, nearly 8 miles of running on the beach, trails, and even in the water during the Sun Life Island Challenge. Once again, the Prios were up to the test, delivering plenty of traction over all the varying terrain and obstacles. The sole provided just enough protection for varying conditions underfoot while still allowing for plenty of groundfeel. The reinforced instep did an adequate job of safeguarding my arch from the occasional rock and the flexible sole gripped well on rocks and man-made obstacles. During the beach runs the wider toebox seemed to work well to keep me on top of the sand, similar to deflating your Jeep tires to achieve maximum surface area and stay atop of loose dirt. I was also very surprised that they didn’t seem to let in any of the powdery fine sand Bermuda is famous for, and I didn’t have anything to empty out after the race.

If you don’t, you risk developing blisters and other sores. Xero Shoes vs. VivobarefootThe moment has come for a shoe fight! Here, I pit Xero Shoes against Vivobarefoot in a head-to-head showdown. The Xero Shoes Prio is a terrific choice if you’re a CrossFit geek or athlete trying to go barefoot. Available in all-black, full-grain leather to meet service industry standards, the Prio All Day SR is your perfect slip-resistant service shoe, but also pairs with jeans, khakis and shorts.

2023-2029 Barefoot Shoes Market Size, Growth, Share and Trends Analysis Report by Y-O-Y – Yahoo Finance

2023-2029 Barefoot Shoes Market Size, Growth, Share and Trends Analysis Report by Y-O-Y.

Posted: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 12:12:00 GMT [source]

Xero Shoes makes barefoot running and walking sandals in the tradition of the Tarahumara huarache sandal, made popular in author Chris McDougall’s book Born to Run. Going barefoot on runs has many benefits, such as improved balance and agility, better posture, reduced injury risk, and heightened sensory awareness of the terrain beneath one’s feet. It can also help strengthen foot muscles and improve proprioception (the sense of knowing where one’s body is in space).

While I know this fit style isn’t for everyone, if you like barefoot shoes that hug the foot a little better then this will definitely be a pro of this model for you. I think this pro will be most relevant for those that feel like barefoot shoes typically feel “floppy” on their feet. For anyone looking for hybrid training and running barefoot shoes, the Xero Shoes Prio is a pretty good bet. This shoe has a great price point and is also a solid introductory barefoot shoe for anyone wanting to train with this footwear. The layered toe cap and thicker materials are great for abrasion resistance and for protecting the shoe from ripping.


If you’re new to this brand, check out my other Xero Shoes reviews for more details. I was able to make these early huaraches work better using my design below. The laces would wrap over and under your toes, so you have THREE points and THREE lines of stability for the forefoot. It was also easy to get in and out of, and adjusting the tightness was very similar to how we usually tie our shoes. One of the coolest parts about barefoot running is how silent you are.

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